MSP / OWB - restrict inactive values from lookup
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MSP / OWB - restrict inactive values from lookup


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Is there a way to restrict inactive values from a lookup in projects in Microsoft Project (MSP) and Open Workbench (OWB) in the designated field you set it to? For example, you set a field called Delivery Method to Text27 in MSP. In Text 27 the lookup shows all values whether they are active or not in Clarity.


Release : All Supported

Component : Microsoft Project (MS Project / MSP) / Open Workbench (OWB)


This is working as expected. As part of a fix for CLRT-7314 where inactive and active lookups displayed, an asterisk was added for inactive lookups. 


It is not possible to restrict inactive lookup values from showing in the MSP or OWB drop down lists. The asterisk (*) is used to distinguish between the inactive and active lookups. (Example of inactive lookup value: (*) Value3)

The one additional option would be to update the lookup value name in Clarity to say Inactive in the name. Example of how it would appear in MSP with this change:

See MSP: Field Mappings Between MSP and Classic PPM for more details where the above and other information on lookup behavior with MSP is referenced. 

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Reference: Enhancement Requests for Clarity