How to collect Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway logs for VIP Support
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How to collect Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway logs for VIP Support


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These instructions are for collecting all VIP Enterprise Gateway logs. Collecting and uploading all logs from the date of occurrence will expedite case progress. 


STEP 1: Set affected logging levels to DEBUG

If the issue is ongoing or can be duplicated, set the log level for the affected service to DEBUG, then restart the service(s). Allow the issue to occur before collecting the logs. If the issue is resolved, skip this step.   (Additional info: Switch Logging Level for VIP Enterprise Gateway)

STEP 2: Collect VIP Enterprise Gateway logs for support

  1. Run the VIP Diagnostic tool on the server. This will generate a vipdiagnostic.log.
  2. From the VIP EG console, click the Logs tab and select 50 from the dropdown:
  3. Click the checkbox in the top-left column to select all logs. 
  4. Click Download. 
  5. If the number of log files exceeds 50, scroll to the next page and repeat for all remaining logs.
  6. (skip this step if running VIP EG version 9.10) Click the Archived Logs tab, select the vipDiagnostic.log and vipDiagnostic.out, then click Download
  7. Upload all downloaded zip files to your support case. 

To collect logs from a previous day:

  1. Click the Archived Logs tab and follow the same steps to collect all logs with the timestamps for the day the issue occurred. (by default, VIP EG retains 4 sets of logs for each service (last in, first out)).