MSP Error "Save Failed" - "Referenced Resource record...does not exist"
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MSP Error "Save Failed" - "Referenced Resource record...does not exist"


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Project is generating a Save Failed error. In the app-ca.logs, the below warning is shown:

WARN  2021-06-08 10:48:34,556 [https-jsse-nio2-443-exec-13] niku.schedulers (clarity:<UserID>:...:schedulers.postProject) ImportTeamProcessor.doProcess(): Referenced Resource record (UNIQUE_NAME=<Userabc>) does not exist


Release : 15.9



This issue is due to userabc referenced in the warning in the app-ca.logs not existing in Clarity but existing on the project in MSP.


Add the missing resource to Clarity, or if the user should not be in Clarity, delete them from the resource sheet in the MSP project.

Note: If the user doesn’t exist in Clarity, and after adding the resource the error still happens, review an updated copy of the app-ca.logs. If there are multiple resources missing, it will error on the first one found in MSP not in Clarity, then when that is corrected, the logs will display the next resource missing.

Steps to identify the impacted user ID to add to Clarity

  1. See KB: Access the app-ca.log or other Clarity Logs for how to get to app-ca.logs (for both On Premise and SaaS customers)
  2. In the App-ca.logs, look for Niku.Schedulers referenced in the logs
  3. Check for the time frame the issue happened as there can be multiple instances/causes
  4. Identify the User ID in the warning as referenced for "UNIQUE_NAME="
  5. Check to see if the user with the ID in the warning message exists in Clarity. If not, add the user to Clarity. 

If the user should not exist in the MSP project (or the resource ID in the project needs to be corrected) 

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above to identify the problem ID
  2. Open the project in MSP
  3. Click on the View tab then Resource Sheet
  4. Delete the row where the Resource Initials match the "UNIQUE_NAME" in the logs (Or if the Initials need to be corrected, update the Resource Initials to the correct ID)

Additional Information

For other causes of the Project Save failed error see: MSP Error: 'Project Save Failed' - master KB

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