DX NetOps Network Flow Analysis Upgrade Tips
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DX NetOps Network Flow Analysis Upgrade Tips


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) DX NetOps


We're planning to upgrade DX NetOps Network Flow Analysis in the next few weeks and were looking for any "gotcha's" or tips regarding upgrading to or using the current versions.


DX NetOps Network Flow Analysis 23.3.x releases


1. The latest version of DX NetOps Network Flow Analysis is 23.3.7. 

2. Currently available downloads can be seen and downloaded from the Download Center:


3. Announcements for the product updates are also made on the NetOps Communities:


4. Please review the fixed issues list:

Resolved Issues (broadcom.com)

5. To provide the greatest protection from catastrophic failure, proper backups are highly advised before upgrading or migration:

Backup Instructions for NFA Components:

Backing Up and Restoring Data (broadcom.com)

6. Check the x:/CA/NFA/ folder on each NFA server to ensure that there are no "console_movie.xml or collector_movie.xml" files. If so, rename them from *.xml to *.backup and move the file to the /migrator folder. This will prevent upgrade issues. 

7. Check whether there are any scripts, utilities, or Scheduled Tasks in place to monitor and automatically restart any of the NFA or MySQL services. If so, please disable these scripts for the duration of the upgrades. The upgrade procedure involves stopping and restarting services multiple times, and any scripts that interfere with this will cause problems with the upgrade.

8. When upgrading ensure to run the .exe file by right-clicking and selecting "Run As Administrator" as this can prevent File Permissions errors during the mysql version upgrade.

9. Do *NOT* Delete the existing Data Source in NetOps Portal as part of the NFA upgrade procedure. This is very likely to cause "Bind" issues when attempting to re-bind NFA to NetOps Portal after the upgrade is complete!

10. All the servers in DX NetOps Performance Management must be upgraded, like Data Collector, Data Aggregator, Data Repository and NetOps Portal.  Any data sources are considered separate upgrades. 

11. Make sure to complete all Harvester upgrades before starting the NFA Console upgrade. Otherwise, the Pump service on the NFA Console may fail to start if it attempts to pump files generated on Harvesters running older versions of NFA.

12. NFA 22.2.3+ Requires .NET Framework 4.8.

This component must be manually installed, the PreCheck Script and the Install utility won't install it for you.

Please download the Microsoft offline installer for .NET Framework 4.8.0:


This only needs to be installed on the NFA Console Server.

13. NFA 23.3.3+ 500 errors after trying to login

If you are using LDAP you may run into this issue after upgrading from a version prior to 23.3.3 to 23.3.3 or higher.


This steps could and should be ran prior to upgrade to 23.3.x to prevent issue after the upgrade. This can be ran at anytime prior or post upgrade without ramifications.

Considerations for Linux Harvesters

Some special considerations for Linux Harvesters:

1) The init script (or systemd unit) must be on the root (/) file system.

2) The /$installdir/CA/NFA/DBUsers/ReporterAnalyzer.ini is in Windows format. This needs to be fixed with the "dos2unix" utility if you run into an issue with the Reaper service not starting after the upgrade:

Reaper service does not start on Linux
The Reaper service is down.
Navigate to <NFA_HOME>/DBUsers/ directory, run the dos2unix ReporterAnalyzer.ini command, and then start the Reaper service.

Post Upgrade Tips

Verify the Revision History version in the Database

After the upgrade is complete, we can run the following mysql commands to double-check that the NFA version shows correctly in the database.

NFA Console:

mysql reporter -unetqos -pnetqos -t -e "select * from revision_history;"


mysql harvester -unetqos -pnetqos  -t -e "select * from revision_history;"

The output of the last line of the above commands should match the new version that you upgraded to.


If you previously had HTTPS configured for access to the NFA Web Page, you may update your configuration.

To make HTTPS configuration easier, the "APPLYHTTPS" script can be used to automatically configure HTTPS for you in various scenarios:

NFA: ApplyHTTPS Tool (broadcom.com)

System Status Issues

If "System Status" messages appear in the NetOps Portal after the upgrade, make sure that port 8981 is open between the NetOps Portal and the NFA Console, and that the "CA NFA Odata" service is running on NFA. Please see the following KB article:

NetOps CAPM Shows Blank NFA Admin Views

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