How to Upgrade Ghost Solution Suite 3.3


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Ghost Solution Suite


Do you support upgrading SQL Server? What is the suggested upgrade path, and is there any documentation on how to do this upgrade?


Example Scenario:

The customer has a GSS3.3 RU2 (Build 2121) install which currently uses SQL Express 2014 (which is EOL). It’s using the default install by GSS of SQL Express. He needs to get to a newer SQL version. If needed, upgrade GSS version as well.


GSS 3.3 RU2 and later


Before you start the upgrade process, please answer the following questions:

1. Is your SQL server the same box as your GSS server?

2. Are you planning to just upgrade your SQL server to a newer version?

3. Are you also planning to upgrade your GSS server from GSS 3.3 RU2 to 3.3 RU6 as well since you are upgrading your SQL Express server for example? 

Let me share few things and hopefully this is as straightforward as possible.

1. Upgrading your SQL Express server on-box should be irrelevant for GSS IF it is upgraded to a supported version for the current GSS installed version. Please refer to the GSS Support Matrix:

2. In this example, if you stay with GSS 3.3 RU2, SQL Server 2016 is the highest that should go. If everything is working for you and you don't need any of the fixes released with GSS 3.3 RU3, RU4, RU5, RU6,  just upgrade your SQL Express Server.

Here is where you can go and check the GSS Release Notes for GSS 3.3 RU6: 

3. If you decide to upgrade GSS 3.3 RU2 to something newer in order to be up-to-date with the current version, please refer to the upgrade documentation here:

175846 "Download the latest version of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite"

Basically, to upgrade, it is as simple as running the new RU6 files (Symantec_Ghost_Solution_Suite_3_3_RU6.exe and Symantec_Ghost_Standard_Tools_3_3_RU6.msi) and follow the install screens.

4. Remember, it is a good idea to make a backup of your database

As FYI, here is our online documentation as reference: