Download the latest version of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite
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Download the latest version of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite


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Ghost Solution Suite


Learn how to download the latest version of Ghost Solution Suite.

Note: Symantec's FileConnect and MySymantec software download portals haves been decommissioned; software downloads are now available through Broadcom Download Center.

Main product landing page for product documentation: Ghost Solution Suite


The latest version 

Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 RU11 Released June 20, 2023

How to download the products

  1. Go to Download.
  2. Under "Products", you should see "Ghost Solution Suite".
  3. Under "Release", select "3.3". It will download the most recent RU version for GSS 3.3.
  4. "Language", is English only(Multilingual).
  5. Click on Cloud icon. The "Download has started" page will appear.


File Name Description
Symantec_Ghost_Solution_Suite_3_3.exe GSS 3.3 GA installation file
Symantec_Ghost_Solution_Suite_3_3_RU10.exe GSS 3.3 previous installation file
Symantec_Ghost_Solution_Suite_3_3_RU11.exe GSS 3.3 latest installation file
Symantec_Ghost_Standard_Tools_3_3_RU10.msi Standalone Ghost imaging tools for previous release
Symantec_Ghost_Standard_Tools_3_3_RU11.msi Standalone Ghost imaging tools for latest release LinuxPE preboot environment
3_3_ProductSupportMatrix.pdf A pdf copy of the latest Support Matrix
3_3_RU10_ReleaseNotes.pdf A pdf copy of the previous Release Notes
3_3_RU11_ReleaseNotes.pdf A pdf copy of the latest Release Notes
  • Regarding the Ghost Standard Tools

It is imaging tools by using boot disks. The Ghostcast Server which is network distribution tool is also included.

  • Regarding the Ghost Solution Suite

You can manage client computer and run various jobs on management console. The imaging function is included as the function of one of jobs.


1687965151462__3_3_RU11_ReleaseNotes.pdf get_app
1654137456894__3_3_RU10_ReleaseNotes.pdf get_app
1654137444353__3_3_PlatformSupportMatrix.pdf get_app