ETC spread starts after Actual Thru Date
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ETC spread starts after Actual Thru Date


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We are seeing an issue with ETC spread in the TSV for an assignment, it looks like the actual thru date is what is limiting the ETC dispersal. ETCs for the assignment are pushed out to start the first business day after the actual Thru date.

For example: The actual thru date for the assignment is 1/29/2021, and ETCs are populated starting on 2/1/2021.


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This is working as designed. The Actuals Thru date reflects the date of the end of the time period for the most recent timesheet posted for the user. If the user submitted a timesheet for the time period ending 1/29/2021, once the timesheet is approved and the post timesheets job is run, the Actuals Thru date for the user would be 1/29/21, and any remaining ETCs would be pushed out to start on the next business day after the actuals thru date, which would be 2/1/2021.


For uniform loading pattern (and any other loading pattern aside from fixed), the remaining ETCs are redistributed to start after the actuals thru date, versus for Fixed Loading Pattern, any ETCs for the time period submitted and prior are deleted completely. 

Here's a KB that goes into more details on the impact of posting timesheets and how ETCs are spread: ETC Calculation for Timesheets and Posting

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