TCPDUMP usage on Messaging Gateway 10.7.4 and newer
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TCPDUMP usage on Messaging Gateway 10.7.4 and newer


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Messaging Gateway


You have a need to run a packet capture (tcpdump) on SMG.


Release : SMG 10.7.4 and later.

Component : Command line.


How to run a tcpdump on SMG:

  1. Login to the command line as "admin".
  2. Run the tcpdump command with any port or IP filters needed
    Example: tcpdump --port 25 --output capture01.cap 
    NOTE: A file path is not needed as SMG will store the file in the appropriate location
  3. When ready to end the packet capture, press the key sequence CTRL-C (Control key and C key)
  4. Select the system to generate a diagnostics in (Administration > Utilities > Diagnostics).
  5. Select "All log data" and click "Generate".
  6. Once the diagnostics is complete, download the file from the control center console and upload it to the case.
  7. Email the case to let the support agent know the diagnostics is uploaded.

Additional Information


smg [10.8.1-7] tcpdump help
Usage: tcpdump [ --port port ] [ --ip ip_addr ]  [ --output output_file_name ]