How to subscribe to notifications for Symantec Encryption products
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How to subscribe to notifications for Symantec Encryption products


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Endpoint Encryption


Broadcom has a service available for all products to keep you informed on current events relating to many of the product available. 

Symantec Encryption products is available for these notifications including the following levels of granularity:

Critical Alerts
Product Issues, Support Announcements

Product Advisories
Product Issues, Configuration Updates, Feature Enhancements

Release Announcements
Product lifecycle notices (GA, EOS\EOL) Compatibility matrix, Feature Releases

Security Advisories
Potential Security Risks, Vulnerabilities and available Remediation




To subscribe to all of these for Encryption products, first navigate to the Notifications portal.

Next, you will login to the Broadcom support site:


Once you're logged in, you will be able to see all the products available to subscribe to:

For all of the Symantec Encryption products, the following products are available:

Desktop Email Encryption
Drive Encryption
Encryption Management Server
Endpoint Encryption 
Gateway Email Encryption
Information Centric Encryption
Mobile Encryption iOS
PGP Command Line
PGP Key Management Server
PGP Key Mgmt Client Access and CLI API

You can filter by typing "Encryption" in the search field and you will get most of the products. 

Note: You will need to type "PGP" in the search field to get the rest of the encryption products as shown in the following two screenshots:

There is no need to click save as all the Preferences are automatically saved:

Once you are subscribed to these Notifications, you will get an email from our group to keep you updated on current events. 


The following is an example a recent release of what will show up in your inbox:

Broadcom tries to limit the amount of notifications sent to ensure that each notification you get is an important one so we recommend subscribing to all products.


For information to determine which encryption products you own, see the following article:

151074 - Symantec Endpoint Encryption and PGP Encryption Solutions Comparison

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