CA XCOM for Linux/Unix and updating InstallAnywhere file ".com.zerog.registry.xml"


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There are a number of KBs from XCOM that refers to corruption of the IA global registry file (UNIX: /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml, Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zero G Registry\.com.zerog.registry):

There are references to older versions of XCOM left behind in the zerog registry file and our asset management tool is picking up multiple versions of XCOM on the same host, including the old EOS versions and flagging it for EOS due (or overdue). 

How to clean up these files to avoid false positives. Are there any documented procedure to clean-up this file and remove irrelevant versions on a Linux system? 


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC


On a Linux or UNIX system the /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml file has information related to CA XCOM, its patches, version, etc. It also can have information about other applications that were installed using InstallAnywhere on the same system.

If the file contains information about an older release of CA XCOM that is preventing you from installing a current version, then you can do the following:

1. a. Make a copy of the /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml file.

    b. Once you have a copy and you are confident that the file only has information about XCOM, you can rename or delete the file.

    c. At this time you can perform the installation of the current CA XCOM release and a new registry file will be created.


2. a. Make a copy of the /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml file.

    b. If the file contains information about other applications that were installed with InstallAnywhere, you will then have to edit the file to remove the section for CA XCOM Data Transport. 

Warning: You have to be very careful when doing this because you don't want to damage any of the other applications information in that XML file.

   c. Once you have modified the file properly you should be able to perform the install of CA XCOM.