How do I open a Payment Security Support Case?


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CA Payment Security


How to create case for Payment Security?




Before you can open or view a support case using Broadcom Support Online, you will need to register using and have access to a valid Support Site ID. Quick Guidelines available here: Registration, Add a Site id, and To know your site id

Processing may take up to 48 hours if access requires approvals to the company's Site for which you are requesting access. To avoid delays and expedite processing it is strongly recommended to register using your corporate email domain. If registering to a company site that is not your own, please provide the name and contact person at the company that can provide approval for your access. Once registered you can begin using your Support Online account.

  1. Go to Broadcom Support portal You will see the following page, click on Sign In and log into the Broadcom support portal.


  1. Once you are logged in, choose your division as “Broadcom Payment Security” to create a case.

     3. Click on Case management:

   4. Once you click on Case management,  you will see the following options available on the Home page of the Case Management System screen.

   To create a Plus (+) sign to Create Case:

      Once Clicked, You will see the following page:

     5. Please select the product as “ CA Payment Security” from the drop-down.


 If you are unable to see the product in the drop down, It can be due to the expired contracts or product being active on another site which you don’t have access to. In such case, Please feel free to contact our Customer assistance team :

  6. Select the appropriate “Support Product” and the Release version as "1 or 1.0 "  from the drop-down.

   7.  Once you start placing the Subject and description, You will see KB articles related to your issue.

You can view them and if you still need assistance, You must click on “ Still need help, Create Case”.


  8. Please select the “Request Type “as per your required from the drop down menu and Hit Submit to create a case.


  9. Once you have successfully created the case, you will be able to see the case number here:


If you need help with any assistance, please contact a Broadcom Customer Care Representative by using the Customer Care Webform.