After installing an upgrade certain items or products do not show in the SMP Console.
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After installing an upgrade certain items or products do not show in the SMP Console.


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Client Management Suite


After applying an RU update to ITMS 8.5, when the administrator opened the console all of the inventory policies and reports etc were missing.  The file system in the \NSCAP share was fine and up to date.


Management Platform  8.x


The ProductUninstalled column for the product (in this case Inventory) was set to 1 in the ITEM table and other resource tables containing Inventory Solution resources. Value of 1 means "Uninstalled".

Explanation: Occasionally a timing problem between the SMP and the database server is off, or for some reason, the database rolls back the changes or does not commit them. As a result, if ProductUninstalled is set to 1 (which the upgrade will do as it applies changes) the SMP Console will not display items whose individual ProductUninstalled bit is set to 1, or the entire product they belong to is set to 1

Run the following query. If the product that is missing from the console is returned in the following query then this confirms that the condition exists in the database.

SELECT i.[Name], i.[ProductGuid], case when (i.ProductUninstalled = 1 or nsi.ProductUninstalled = 1) then 'No' end as Installed
  FROM [Item] i
  JOIN [ItemClass] ic ON ic.[Guid] = i.[Guid]
  JOIN ClassInterface ci on ci.ClassGuid = ic.ClassGuid
  JOIN NSInternal_ItemInstalled nsi on nsi.Guid = i.Guid
where ci.InterfaceGuid = 'C40EB79B-F11F-4888-9D93-E3B96DA2B543'
and i.ProductUninstalled = 1
order by i.Name

Note:  Sometimes, even of the product is not returned in the above query one or many of the individual items are/were flipped to uninstalled in the database.  Performing the suggest solution would not cause any additional problems.


  1. Backup the database or make sure a backup exists
  2. Download/Save the query attached to this case ( Turn Product Installed On.sql ) to run against the database via SQL Management Studio (against the ITMS database).
  3. From the query previously run to test if the condition exists copy the ProductGuid and past it into the query attached to this article. 
    Set the @ProductGuid variable (second line) with the designated ProductGuid. 
    Inventory Solution = ''   { if you can't see the product from the query remove the line "and i.ProductUninstalled = 1"  from the query. and run it again.
  4. After setting the correct Product Guid in the @ProductGuid variable-- run the query against the Symantec_CMDB database.
  5. Reset IIS (iisreset)
  6. Close and open the console again and see if the missing item(s) shows up again.


Additional Information

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