Updating the PGP Encryption Server Using a PUP Update
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Updating the PGP Encryption Server Using a PUP Update


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 This article describes how to update a PGP Encryption Server (Symantec Encryption Management Server) using a PUP update file.

Updates to the server can be applied by using a PUP updates file or by updating the server using an ISO image and then restoring your data from a backup.

  • A PUP update to the server can be applied if you are not performing a major version upgrade to the server.
  • Using an ISO image to upgrade your server is only necessary for major software version upgrade to the server. 

Note: Updates to the PGP Encryption Server software are not propagated among cluster members; all servers in a cluster must be updated manually.


PUP File Update:
You do not need to backup and restore your data to perform an update when upgrading using a PUP file. However, it is always a good idea to have a current backup before performing maintenance tasks on the server.

Software update settings are uploaded and installed via the System > Updates tab of the administrative interface.

After an Update Package is uploaded to the server, the PUP update file is displayed in Software Updates. The list shows the name of the update, the version, the size, the date of the last action for that update, and the Install icon.

Note: When installing multiple PUP updates, download and install them one at a time. If you download multiple PUP updates before you begin installing them, only the first installation succeeds.

Downloading a PUP Update:
PUP updates for PGP Encryption Server are downloaded via your Broadcom Support Portal. Instructions on how to find it within are in this KB article: 

193931 - How to download Symantec Encryption products from the Broadcom download Portal (And where to find the license number for PGP)

1. Log into your Symantec File Connect account.
2. Once logged in, you can choose either HTTP or Managed Download for your download method (HTTP is selected by default). On the following page, select the file you wish to download.
3. Click Begin Downloading and save the file to your desired location.
4. Once the download is complete, log into the PGP Encryption Server administrative interface.
5. Click System > Updates and then select Upload Update Package. The Upload Update screen is displayed.
6. Click Browse and locate the downloaded PUP update file and click Open.
7. Click Upload.
8. After the upload is complete, it displays in the list of Software Updates.
9. Click arrow icon below install to begin the installation and then click OK. The server will install the update and reboot to complete the installation.

Note: If you are running this server on ESX or ESXi it is possible that you may need to run vmware-config-tools.pl to re-install VMware tools to work with new Kernel updates. For additional information on installing VMware tools, reach out to Symantec Encryption Support for further guidance.

Additional Information

193931 - How to download Symantec Encryption products from the Broadcom download Portal (And where to find the license number for PGP)