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Hierarchy and Replication Digest


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


 Common questions and references guides for Hierarchy and Replication


The following article contains some useful references regarding known issues, best practices, and things that are good to know regarding Hierarchy and Replication with Symantec Management Platform.

Hierarchy - Frequently Asked Questions
Reference scenario: Scaling up to 50K client computers on a single Notification Server
SQL Query that will show where the contents of the AgentBlackList table originate from
Upgrading Notification Servers in a hierarchy
How to change the path for Replication's temp folders from the default location?
Does Asset Management or CMDB Solutions support hierarchy and stand-alone replication rules?
Replicated computer resources are also purged on Parent server in case they are purged from Child server


Setting up a Hierarchical Relationship Between Two Notification Server Computers
Replication Core Settings Guide


152826“Replication Data from failed or hung jobs is not cleaned up automatically.” 
HOWTO42359 "Hierarchy Replication process and Troubleshooting tips"
TECH177378 “Purging Maintenance on child NS - Parent Setting overwriting Child settings”
TECH177708 "Policies are not being replication down the hierarchy"
TECH147338 "Resource Status is being overwritten on the Parent server in hierarchy or when Basic Inventory is received"
HOWTO74886 "Schedules and Targets changes for Policies are not getting replicated to the Child NS in the Hierarchy"
TECH160244 "IsManaged is getting reset to 0 in NS 7.x"


HOWTO9696 "Are hierarchy replicated resources which are deleted at the parent NS also deleted at the child NS on subsequent replications?"
HOWTO44217 "Limitations of hierarchy"
HOWTO111566 "Milestone Tracking Process for Patch Management Solution 7.1 SP2 and later"
HOWTO42295 "What 'HierarchySingularTask' table is and how it is used within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42296 "How Replicating Items works within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42297 "How Hierarchy Editable Properties (HEPs) works within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42298 "How replicating computers works within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42302 "How Resource Merging works within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42303 "Relocation of Software Components – Bi-directional Hierarchy rules" **
HOWTO42305 "What are the Hierarchy Alerts types within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42306 "How Replicating Events works within in an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42307 "Data Verification within an Hierarchy"
HOWTO42308 "What 'ItemImportMethod' table is and how it is used within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO42309 "What are the Replication States?"
TECH194623 “How to replicate custom data classes down a hierarchy”
HOWTO77400 “How to replicate the contents of a custom data class up to a top level Symantec Management Platform server”
HOWTO42398 "Replication Job Timeouts and Back off and retry of Replication Jobs"
HOWTO77236 "Standalone Security Replication options"
HOWTO94445 "How to disable replication of the Symantec Management Agent push settings (Symantec Management Agent Install)?"
INFO2593 "How to know the reason why item is not replicable?"
HOWTO110227 "How Purging works in a Hierarchy?"

Package Replication:
HOWTO42304 "How Package Replication works within an Hierarchy?"
HOWTO9693 "When replicating a package, what exactly is replicated?"
HOWTO9694 "How does a replicated package get distributed to child Package Servers?"

Security Roles:
HOWTO42294 "Things to know regarding Replication of Security Objects"
TECH147353 "Every morning Read and Execute permissions are missing for replicated items, making it look like the Security Role is being reset each night"
HOWTO10792 "Can security role memberships be synchronized during hierarchy replication?"
HOWTO42320 "Why Item actions and right click menu actions are not replicated when used 'Replicate Now' on Security Roles?"
TECH234224 "The Symantec Administrators Role Membership is not syncing between servers"



For details on Hierarchy Requirements and Implementing Notification Server hierarchy, refer to the "Configuring hierarchy" section of the following documents:
 See DOC7220 "Symantec™ IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1 powered by Altiris™ technology Administration Guide"
 See DOC7978 "Symantec™ IT Management Suite 7.6 powered by Altiris™ technology Administration Guide"
 See DOC8132 "Symantec™ IT Management Suite 8.0 powered by Altiris™ technology Administration Guide"

DOC3464 "Altiris™ IT Management Suite 7.1 from Symantec™ Planning and Implementation Guide"
DOC4827 "Altiris™ IT Management Suite 7.1 SP2 Symantec™ Planning and Implementation Guide"
DOC7332 "Altiris™ IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1 Symantec™ Planning and Implementation Guide"
DOC8038 "Altiris™ IT Management Suite 7.6 Symantec™ Planning and Implementation Guide"
DOC8631 "Altiris™ IT Management Suite 8.0 Symantec™ Planning and Implementation Guide"



TECH127475 "Current Site Server Blacklisted"
TECH133430 "Unable to replicate Task Server tasks down a Hierarchy - The specified item does not support replication on the destination NS. The item has been excluded from the replication manifest"
TECH176500 "Replicated Symantec Management Agent Settings - Targeted policy can be edited or deleted on child Notification Servers"
TECH180093 "Complete Replication is taking a long time to run – issue with createPXEimage items"
TECH176419 "KNOWN ISSUE: File Resources fail to merge during Replication due to time-outs in the merge process"