Deployment Solution 8.1 Logging: How to, Why, and Where


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When troubleshooting Deployment Solution 8.x, there are several sets of logs you will find useful.  This document will detail their function and related KBs

  1. General NS Logging (related, but not specifically DS logs)
    1. NS Server Logs
    2. Symantec Management Agent Logs
    3. Task server trace logging
  2. Deployment Solution (DS) Specific logging
    1. Automation and Imaging logs
    2. Site Server Logs
    3. Client Logs


General Logging (related to, but not specifically for DS)

Deployment Solution (DS) 8.x is part of the ITMS (NS) product.  As such, it is often necessary to gather ITMS logs to figure out the root cause of DS issues. These logs, along with the DS specific logs, will allow you to troubleshoot the issue through the entire process.


NS Server Logs

  • Function: These logs exist on the Notification Server and are basic logs for tracking all NS activity. Information from various modules, including the Altiris Service, Task Services, and IIS is in this log file. The most current file is "a.log", with progressively older files labeled with an appended number in the following format: "aXX.log".

   These logs display in the Altiris Log Viewer.

  • Related KBs/Tools:
    • DOC8560: SMP logs (with verbose trace enabled when needed)
    • HOWTO4922: Symantec Management Agent logs
    • Windows Event Logs
    • HOWTO93142: SIM Logs.
    • DOC8979: Altiris Profiler


Symantec Management Agent Logs

  • Function: These logs exist on all managed machines; the Notification Server, Site Servers, and clients. These logs tracks activity specific to this client, including Job/Task execution, server communication, and internal agent activity. The most current file is named "Agent.log", with progressively older files being labeled with an appended number in the following format: "AgentXX.log".

  These logs can be displayed in the Altiris Log Viewer.

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Task Server trace logging

  • Function: These logs exist on any system that is acting as a Task Server. They hold detailed information about tasks that the task server is managing/controlling.
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Deployment Solution (DS) Specific logging


Automation and Imaging logs

  • Function: These logs have information about processes/tasks that are ran in the Automation (PXE or automation folder) environment
  • Related KB
    • HOWTO127175: Deployment Solution 8.x Automation logs
    • HOWTO9848: Using RemoteTrace.exe to capture output of logs to the server


Site Server Logs

  • Function: These logs have information needed to troubleshoot DS issues that relate to services running on Site Servers (Task and package server)
  • Agent
    • Tracks all Symantec Management Agent Activity on Site server
      • <drive>:\programdata\symantec\symantec agent\logs
  • DSTask
    • Tracks Deployment agent activity on the Site Server
    • <drive>:\program files\altiris agent\agents\deployment\logs
  • Bootwiz
    • Ttracks Bootwiz activity for automation builds made on the Site Server
    • <drive>:\program files\deployment\logs
  • SBS PXE Logs
    • Tracks PXE activity depending on logging level set in the NS Console
      • <drive>:\program files\altiris agent\agents\deployment\sbs
  • Deployment Server Package Server (DSPS)
    • Shows the installation of the DSPS component on package server
    • C:\DSPSmsi.log
  • Resource Import Tool
    • Shows the history of Resource Import Tool activity
      • C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\Tools\Resourceimporttool.log
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    • HOWTO84000: How to modify Bootwiz logging in Deployment Solution 8.x


Client Logs

  • FunctionRecords all activity of client systems while in production
  • Agent
    • Tracks all client Symantec Management Agent activity
      • C:\ProgramData\Symatnec\Symantec Agent\Logs
  • Dstask
    • Tracks all Deployment Solution agent activity
      • \Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Logs
  • ConfigService
    • Tracks domain join/removal and other configuration processes
      • \Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Logs
  • netsetup
    • Tracks domain join/remove processes
      • C:\Windows\debug
  • Sysprep and Windows setup logs
    • Tracks Windows setup activity
      • C:\Windows\Panther and subdirectories
  • Sysprep Logs
    • Tracks Sysprep after Prepare for image Capture task
      • C:\Windows\System32\sysprep\Panther
  • Automation folder
    • Installation results of automation folder
      • C:\Autoinst.log
    • Shows automation folder activity
      • C:\ Autoutil.log
  • DS Plugin
    • Shows installation of Deployment Plugin
      • C:\ DSPluginInstall.log
  • ​​Linux logs
    • ​/opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/var
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