Collect ITMS evidence for Technical Support


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




An easy and convenient way to collect evidence for Altiris technical support via single executable, from Notification Server, Site Servers running on Windows and Windows clients.

Collect tab:

  • Check/Un-Check the relevant check boxes to select, which data to collect.

Additional tab:

  • Add additional Folders and/or Files as instructed by technical support, to be archived and added to collected data destination folder.
  • Add additional registry keys as instructed by technical support, to be exported and archived, then added to collected data destination folder.

Upload tab: (Depricated)

  • Enter the case number for which the evidence is required. (required for data upload)
  • Enter SFTP credentials provided by technical support evidence request. (Contact your technical support engineer to submit for you an evidence request.)

Alternativly, collected evidence files can be uploaded manually via MySymantec portal or using SFTP.



  • The tool requires elevated privileges (Administrator privileges), in order to collect the required information.
  • Please verify the collected information files and its contents. For further details, kindly refer to  Technical Support Terms and Conditions



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