Popular Custom Inventory Samples (8.x)
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Popular Custom Inventory Samples (8.x)


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Please find a list of popular Custom Inventory Samples for ITMS 8.x.


Custom inventories can be used to gather any data that can be accessed via command scripts. The best way to design a new custom inventory script is to search for a similar custom inventory script and adapt it to gather the desired data. Most custom inventories use Powershell and VBScripts to gather data from WMI, file properties, or the registry.

This article presents links to articles of some more-popular and thoroughly tested custom inventories. 



How to use Custom Inventory to collect ODBC DSN information for computers (queries Get-OdbcDsn)

Collect Custom Inventory for SEP 12.x definitions in ITMS 8.x (queries registry)

How to Inventory Windows 10 Built-in Applications (queries Get-AppxPackage)

How can I Identify the Status of the TPM Chip on the Computers in my Environment (queries Get-TPM)



CPU Custom Inventory (queries WMI)

How do I inventory dbutil_2_3.sys to identify a Dell Vulnerability (queries WMI)

How to Inventory a Specific File Using Custom Inventory (queries files)

How to Inventory a Specific File Type Using Altiris Custom Inventory  (queries WMI)

How to Detect and Report Fonts with Custom Inventory (queries files)

How to Inventory a Specific Registry Entry Using Custom Inventory (queries registry)

How to Inventory Windows Events Using Custom Inventory (queries Windows Events)

Custom Inventory for Video/Display Drivers (queries WMI)

How to Inventory BitLocker Encryption Status of Drives and Computers (queries WMI)

How to Inventory SQL Server Edition (Express, Enterprise, etc.) with Custom Inventory (queries WMI)

How to Report PowerShell Version Using Custom Inventory (queries registry)

Lenovo Computers Do Not Show Their Specific Model Name in Hardware Inventory Data, Inventory Solution (queries WMI)

Hardware Inventory Returns a Different Model (queries WMI)




Additional Information

NOTE: Please note that Broadcom Support does not support custom scripting or reporting so modifications to the script and report must be made by the user. Please contact Symantec Consulting Services for assistance with creating custom inventory scripts or custom reports, who can be reached here:


Other helpful KB's:

178432 Introduction to Custom Inventory

178304 “How to View Custom Inventory Data with a Custom Report”