Lenovo Computers Do Not Show Their Specific Model Name in Hardware Inventory Data, Inventory Solution
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Lenovo Computers Do Not Show Their Specific Model Name in Hardware Inventory Data, Inventory Solution


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Inventory Solution


When looking at Lenovo computers in the console's Resource Manager or Hardware Information the Model will show a more generic model series, such as "ThinkPad T420", rather than the specific model name such as "42362K9". This behavior was intentionally changed between Inventory Solution 7.1 and 7.5 due to customer demand.


Inventory Solution 8.x


Use the custom inventory script attached to this document to gather the desired model name from Lenovo computers and store the information in a custom data class. Then view the information in a custom report.

  1. Create a new data class to store the information to be collected by custom inventory
    1. Go to Settings>All Settings then Settings>Discovery and Inventory>Inventory Solution>Manage Custom Data Classes.
    2. Click New data class
    3. Name the data class "Lenovo Model" and click OK.   
    4. Click Add attribute
    5. Name the attribute "Model" (figure 2), set Key to "No", and click OK

      Figure 2.
    6. Add another attribute the same way named "Series". 
    7. Click Save changes
    8. Finally click the button that looks like a pointing hand (figure 3) right next to New data class, then copy the GUID field for the new data class and save it for later.

      Figure 3.
  2. Create a custom inventory script task. 
    1. Go to Manage>Jobs and Tasks
    2. Browse the folder drop-down menu to where you would like to add a custom inventory script task. 
    3. Right Click on the folder, then select New>Task
    4. Select the Run Script task.
    5. Name the task appropriately.
    6. Select Script type: VBScript
    7. Copy and paste the contents of the lenovomodel.vbs script into the large text box. 
    8. Find the 13th line of the script and replace the GUID with the GUID of the new data class (figure 4). 
    9. Save and run the script task on the appropriate computers (no data will be collected on non-Lenovo computers).
  3. Create a custom report to show the model of the inventoried Lenovo computers.
    1. Go to Reports>All Reports.
    2. Browse to a folder where you would like to add the custom report and Right Click on the folder.
    3. Select New>Report>SQL Report.
    4. Give the Report an appropriate name and then replace the text under Parameterized Query with the following query:

select vItem.Name [Computer], Inv_Lenovo_Model.Model, Inv_Lenovo_Model.Series from Inv_Lenovo_Model

left join vItem on Inv_Lenovo_Model._ResourceGuid = vItem.Guid



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