Troubleshoot a web page when it is unresponsive or delayed
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Troubleshoot a web page when it is unresponsive or delayed


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


When attempting to connect to a known good website, you are unable to connect or it times out.


Cloud SWG (WSS - Web Security Service)


Obtain the below information to troubleshoot: 


Step 1. Find which Data Center you are connected to:

Navigate to select more.  (collect screenshot)

After obtaining your data pod in the above step, select the Data Center


Step 2.  Identify the IP Address of the data center based on the information collected above. 

Data Center IP addresses for Web Security Service to send your traceroute to:

Cloud SWG (formerly WSS) Ingress and Egress IP addresses



Step 3. Complete a traceroute: 

Windows traceroute: 


Step 4. Run a speed test at 


Step 5.  Collect a HAR file: 

Obtain a HAR file


Step 6. Collect a Packet Capture when connecting to the site, during the failure.  If intermittent, collect a good capture of when it is working as well.

How to use Wireshark to capture a packet trace.


Step 7. Collect an HTTP Fiddler trace

Troubleshoot web browser / application connectivity or errors using Fiddler


Step 8. Collect Firewall/Router debug logs from an hour prior and during the failure. 


Step 9. Collect Symdiag 

Download SymDiag to detect product issues


Step 10. 

Submit the above information to Symantec on your open case and inquire if the Engineer needs to have a Policy Trace done from the concentrator while the issue is happening.  


Step 11. 

Ping your ISP hand-off from the same subnet

Ping your ISP hand-off from a device on one of your internal subnets

Check with your ISP if they see any connectivity issues between you and the ISP


Step 12. 

Attempt another known good website  Are you able to connect without failure/delays? 

If so, reach out to the website business to see if they are having issues with their website.