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Feature Request: Add support for Microsoft Exchange to PGP Desktop for Mac OSX


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Does PGP Desktop's Messaging service proxy Microsoft Exchange accounts for Mac OSX?

The PGP Messaging service has the ability to automatically encrypt and decrypt email, it does not have the ability to automatically encrypt and decrypt email for the mail client using the Exchange protocol.  Email clients such as Outlook 2011, have the ability to configure a Microsoft Exchange account to support Exchange functionality such as Calendaring.


Support has worked directly with Product Management and has determined this feature will not be included at this time.  Please subscribe to this article for any updates.  To be added to this Feature Request, please contact support who will track specific customer requests therein.

The PGP Messaging Service currently supports POP, IMAP and SMTP, however PGP Desktop for the Mac operating system, does not currently proxy/support the Exchange standard protocol from Microsoft Exchange.

As a workaround, it is possible to use the Clipboard functionality to encrypt/decrypt text manually, or switch to a supported protocol with the email client such as POP or IMAP.

As this protocol is not currently supported on Mac OSX, a feature request has been submitted.  Although this feature request does not guarantee a fix, subscribe to this article and if this functionality is added, a notification will be sent updating on the status.