Currently Supported Versions of Symantec Encryption Products (End of life versions)
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Currently Supported Versions of Symantec Encryption Products (End of life versions)


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This article will provide the current versions of Symantec Encryption products that are currently supported in the main product branch. This means the versions of our software that are currently providing updates to and support for, will be maintained on a regular cadence. 


Currently Supported Encryption Product Versions:

  • PGP Encryption Server and PGP Encryption Desktop Client 10.5.0 and above
  • PGP Command Line 10.5.0 and above
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) 11.3.1 and above

If you are on a version that is older than the ones referenced above, we recommend upgrading to the latest release.

Downloads to the latest versions of the software can be found via the download portal. 

For more information on downloads, see the following article:

193931 - How to download Symantec Encryption products from the Broadcom download Portal (And where to find the license number for PGP)

For information on upgrades, see the following information:

Symantec Endpoint Encryption Upgrade Guide

PGP Encryption Server Upgrade Guide

211876 - Technical considerations when upgrading PGP Server to release 10.5.1 (Symantec Encryption Management Server)


Important Note: End of Service does not mean the end of a product life in general, it means a version of that product enters a state where it is no longer developed and no longer actively supported.
The *New versions* of the Symantec Encryption software will continue to be actively developed and fully supported. 

Additional Information

See the below link for all the new Broadcom EOS/EOL details and timelines: