Download Symantec Enterprise Security software, tools, and patches
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Download Symantec Enterprise Security software, tools, and patches


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Endpoint Protection Protection Suite Enterprise Edition Endpoint Encryption Global Customer Assistance


Download the latest version of Symantec Enterprise Security software, tools, and patches, including Symantec Endpoint Protection, SymDiag, CleanWipe, and more.


Download Symantec software

You can download Symantec software and tools, retrieve license keys, and activate your product here on the Broadcom Support Portal.

Customers with a support contract

To download a Symantec product, see Download Broadcom products and solutions.

Customers without a support contract

To purchase a current version of a Symantec product, locate a Broadcom Partner.

Download Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Endpoint Encryption bundles

Both Protection Suite and Endpoint Encryption are bundles; therefore, you must select the solution-specific version of each product to download the different solutions available under each of those bundles.

Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

To download Protection Suite Enterprise Edition product(s):

  • Endpoint Protection - select 14.x options
  • Messaging Gateway - select 10.x options
  • Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange - select 7.x options

Next, under Products, click Protection Suite Enterprise Edition to view the available download options:


Endpoint Encryption

To download Endpoint Encryption product(s):

  • Encryption Management Server/Gateway Email Encryption - select 3.4.2 or 10.x options
  • Endpoint Encryption - select 11.x options
  • Drive Encryption - select 10.x options

Next, under Products, click Endpoint Encryption to view the available download options:

Download Endpoint Protection client-only patches and release notes

Download Symantec virus definitions

You can automatically download the latest definitions in-product, through LiveUpdate. You can also manually download and update definitions.

Download Symantec tools

  • CleanWipe - Symantec software removal tool
  • SymDiag - Symantec Diagnostic Tool that identifies common issues and gathers data/logs for support-assisted troubleshooting.

Additional Information

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Here are just a few of the downloads you will find in the Broadcom Download Center.

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    • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM)
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 RU2 through RU8 releases
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection client-only patches
  • Symantec CleanWipe download
  • Symantec Ghost download
  • Symantec Ghost Standard Tools download
  • Symantec Ghost Solution Suite download
  • Symantec Management Agent (Altiris Agent) Package download
  • Symantec PGP Desktop download
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