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Patch Management Solution for Windows IT Management Suite Deployment Solution Task Server Notification Server Agent for Unix/Linux (Altiris) Software Management Solution


This cumulative point fix contains fixes for SMP and other Solutions for issues provided to customers POST-8.5 RU2 until ITMS 8.5 RU3 is installed.

These are the fixes contained (each section contains its own set of fixes. Install those that you need from the respective zip files below):



SMP-SMA(Symantec Management Platform - Symantec Management Agent) Fixes:

All users (including Symantec Admins) are unable to add new rules to a target when using the target builder from within a policy 174869
SMA takes over 20 minutes to start. 752 connection profiles N/A
P2P clients are trying to download from other peers whom had the package at one time, but no longer have the package N/A
Resource Manager "Licensed Software" section missing on Computer default view 175045
Computer showing more recent update as the install date - ARP shows original date 175044
Adding Windows 10 1903 Support DOC11328
Scheduled Window Repeating schedule is not always running when it should with Managed Delivery Policies 175043
SMA keeps crashing on Site Servers, due to Module:AeXNetComms.dll errors 175690
Policies constantly updated on the client N/A
Percent bandwidth throttling is not used by SMA during download N/A
Shared Schedule with repeat, runs out of the selected date(weeks days) N/A
Symantec Management Agent is sometimes crashing/hanging during boot N/A
While loading 'Targeted Agent Settings', under 'Advanced' tab, it causes IIS to crash and SMP Server AppPool to stop N/A
AtrsHost: Persistent HTTP connection made by AeXNetComms transport cannot be used to send HTTP requests
after a certain erroneous network condition on NS
P2P - PeerServer does not start on some clients N/A
Site Server fails to publish codebase for multiple existing custom HTTPS bindings and customer certificates 176421
Changing LDAP port for AD Import Rules
Note: N
ow AD Import rules can communicate with Active Directory using :636 port instead of only :389 port

See attached "" 
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.


TASK (Task Management) Fixes:

Clients' re-registration issue in config with multiple task-servers N/A
End User Notification task: tokens do not work in HTML mode 176158

See attached ""


SWF (Software Management Framework) Fixes:

Use package source 5 that it no longer works N/A
Using the asdk method CreateExpressionStaticFile method does not work with 8.5 if you use the Parameter Matchtype with a value of ANY N/A

See attached ""


SWM (Software Management Solution) Fixes:

Administrator Portal - refresh or column sort causes the page to crash IIS  Faulting application N/A

See attached ""
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.


PM (Patch Management Solution) Fixes:

Changing the Organizational Views and Groups parameter on the Patch compliance by computer report does not change the results in 8.5 RU2 174799

See attached ""
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.


ASSET (Asset Management Solution) Fixes:

Update Filter Membership task is failing to run N/A
The task 'Software Product Licensing Recalculation Operation Task' is timing out N/A

See attached ""
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.


ULM (Unix/Linux/MAC Solution) Fixes:

ULM agent on centos - unable to receive or request tasks TECH254642
Linux production agent not matching keys that windows production agent sends up  

See attached ""


DS (Deployment Solutions) Fixes

Pectagent Broken when loaded from ISO(USB) 175341
Driver manager fails to import all files needed to allow dpinst to successfully install intel video
SBSServer service attempts to stop and hangs in an unresponsive state  
Compname token in console get's FQDN  
When the DSUniqueID cannot be read from the hard drive (encryption etc) after booting to
automation from production, a duplicate computer record is created
Ghost executable fails with 'Internal error 36000' when enumerating volumes 176067
The following error occurred on the page 'PredefinedComputerEditor.aspx' is displayed when
attempting to add a predefined computer"
Request to GetResourceGuid fails with request XML is Invalid when proxy is configured  
PECTAgent sometimes crashes during 'Partition Disk' task if '100%' is specified as size  
Predefined Computers could fail to register in preboot  
Deployanywhere returning -1073741819 after target run of DA  
Deployment of PCTPackage fails but no logs are available to anaylze the cause of the failure  
'Act_wnd.txt' file isn't being created after'Ghconfig64.exe /findactivewindows' executable runs 176385
Bootwiz crashes when updating a winpe boot image 176384


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