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CA Gen screen generator using Enhanced map gives exception GBEX_NO_MEMORY


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Gen Gen - Host Encyclopedia


Using CA Gen Host Encyclopedia "Application system construction" when try to generate an IMS screen receive the following error:

CGB0006I Codepage 37 has been selected for generation.
CGB0032I Metamodel transformation completed, 779 objects transformed
CGB0003E Exception condition GBEX_NO_MEMORY has been raised.


The exception occurred when using the Enhanced map screen generation option which can sometimes encounter problems for certain screen layouts.


Release:  8.x
Component: z/OS Host Encyclopedia


Change map option to Standard for the screen generation.
The current installation default option which is Enhanced can be overridden by the user. More details can be found in the documentation under "Screen Generator Options" located here:
CA GEN 8.6 > Encyclopedia > Host Encyclopedia > Host Encyclopedia Construction > Installation in the HE Environment > Other Considerations and Construction Options

To change the installation default option please see KB article: CA Gen Screen Generation Standard and Enhanced Map options

Additional Information

Also see related KB article: How to set Screen Map option in CA Gen Toolset or CSE generation for a z/OS IT build