PAM : Is new license key required if hardware ID is changed ?


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Do we need to request / deploy new license key if hardware ID of PAM server is changed ?


PAM 3.3


It is NOT required to issue/deploy new license key after hardware ID is changed.

Additional Information

We have identified some technical issues after hardware ID change. See the following articles.

Note. This article does not mean that license key does not check Hardware ID.
When you need to deploy license key first time, hardware ID on license key should be matched.

Hardware ID might be changing time to time because MAC address is part of hardware ID.
MAC address might be changing on some specific senario, such as moving the appliance to different ESX, restoring virtual appliance from backup, and so on.
The license file on the appliance will automatically be updated with the new hardware ID on startup, and PAM continue to be functional.