Agile Designer Viewer Application
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Agile Designer Viewer Application


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


This document will outline what the Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) Viewer application is and how to receive it. 

The Agile Designer Viewer application allows users to view a flow's representation and test cases without being able to edit or modify them in any way.
If you have a workgroup or automation builder license, then you are entitled to this feature.

If you are using ARD 2.7+, you can use ARD Viewer automatically with the new License Activation Wizard.
A Viewer License allows you to use ARD in a limited capacity as described above.
You cannot edit your work with this license, but you can use the license indefinitely.
If you have any other license applied and then activate the Viewer license in the activation wizard, your other licenses will be permanently lost. 

In ARD versions 3.0+ the ARD Viewer application is o longer available, since that version of ARD no longer requires the CodeMeter application to manage licensing in ARD.


ARD 2.7+
CA Agile Requirements Designer 


To use ARD Viewer with 2.7+, you first need to activate the Viewer License with the License Activation Wizard. 

  1. Launch Agile Designer.
    • If this is your first time using ARD, you will receive a message saying 'No License found'. Click on the 'Activate' button.

    • If you are able to access ARD, go to the 'Help' tab and click on the 'License Wizard' icon.

  2. The 'License Activation' wizard will be launched. Click the 'Next' button.

  3. Choose the radio button for 'Viewer' licenses and click the 'Next' button.


  4. Read through the Viewer mode warning messages and click the 'Next' button when ready.

  5. You should receive a message saying 'Confirmation of License Activation' and 'You have successfully activated your license'. Check the box to launch ARD and click the 'Finish' button. 

  6. If ARD is launched without error, then the license has been successfully activated. You can view your license information by going to the 'Help' tab and click on the 'License Information' icon.


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