How to Receive and Apply a Named User Online License for Agile Designer 2.7+
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How to Receive and Apply a Named User Online License for Agile Designer 2.7+


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


This document will explain how to:

  • Fill out a Customer Care Request form so that our CA licensing team can create a license key for you.
  • Apply your online license key through the License Activation wizard.

For Agile Designer versions 2.7 and above, we have developed an easy-to-use License Activation Wizard for applying all types of licenses. You will first need to fill out a license request form on CA Support Online so that the license can be created for your machine based off of your license contract. Once you receive the new license, you will need to launch the License Activation wizard and apply it through there. 



CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)- Agile Designer 2.7+


Fill out license request form:

  1. Go to and login to CA Support Online:  

        2. In the top, left-hand corner of the screen, click the 'Menu' bar, which is an icon with three horizontal lines.


        3. Click on the 'Licensing' option

                          User-added image

        4. On the CA Licensing page, scroll to the very bottom and click on the 'Customer Care Request Form' link. 


5. Fill out the following 'Account Information':

  • Please indicate your relationship with CA: (CA Customer, CA Employee, Other)
  • CA SiteID: If you do not know this, please call 1-800-225-5224 or contact CA Support at 
  • Request Type: CA Licensing
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Company Name:
  • Company Address:
  • Country:
  • City:
  • State/Province:
  • Postal/Zip Code:
  • Telephone Number:
  • Corporate Email Address:

    6. Fill out the following 'Details' information:
    • Type of License: General Licensing for All Other Products
    • Your Question: Require Online license for CA Agile Requirements Designer. 
    • Product Name: CA Agile Requirements Designer (Agile Designer)
    • Release: 2.7 (or whichever version you are currently using)
    • Type of Licensing: All Other Keys
    • Do you have any files to attach to this case?: Yes.
    • Please check and follow the instructions below: Check box for 'I'm not a robot'.

       7. Click the 'Submit' button.


        8. You will get a message saying "Thank you for your submission. You will receive an email with case number 'xxxxxxxx'. The CA Customer Care team will be in touch shortly." Take note of this case number.

       9. Click the 'Close' button once done. A member of our customer care (licensing) team will create the offline license key you require and email you within 24 hours. 


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    10. Once you have the online license key, follow the next set of instructions.


Apply the online license through the License Activation wizard:

  1. Launch the License Activation wizard by either the 'Activate' button on the error message when launching ARD or though the 'Help' -> 'License Wizard' icon in ARD. Click the 'Next' button on the 'Introduction' page of the wizard. 


    User-added image


      2. Choose the radio button for 'Named' licenses and click the 'Next' button.


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        3. Choose the radio button for 'Online activation' and click the 'Next' button.


           4. Enter in your activation key and click the 'Next' button. It will be either a 25 alphanumberic key or a URL like this:


       5. You should receive a message saying 'Confirmation of License Activation' and 'You have successfully activated your license'. Check the box to launch ARD and click the 'Finish' button. 


      6. If ARD is launched without error, then the license has been successfully activated. You can view your license information by going to the 'Help' tab and click on the 'Licence Information' icon.



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Additional Information

If you experience any further licensing issues, please open a support case by going to