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Management Center upgrade/downgrade path best practice


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Management Center


Upgrade or downgrade Management Center


When upgrading or downgrading the version of Management Center, you must stay within 2 minor versions of what is currently running.


- If on version 3.0.x and the version needed is 3.3.x, upgrade first to version 3.1.x or 3.2.x before going to the version 3.3.x.   

- If on version 2.4.x and the version needed is 3.2.x, upgrade first to version 3.0.x or 3.1.x before going to the version 3.2.x.


We do not recommend that downgrading Management Center as the latest version has necessary upgrades and fixes, but if needed, use the same 2-version system when downgrading.   Note that downgrades cannot be performed from Management Center 3.x to 2.x or 1.x.


The same principle applies when coming from any 1.x MC versions.  If you are running any MC 1.x  version, please refer to article   


Please note other best practices when doing MC upgrade

- Create and offload your backup before and after each upgrade.   

- For MCs with failover setup, disable the failover on both (primary and secondary).  


For more information, refer to the MC documentation.  The MC documentation can be accessed by clicking the help icon on your MC UI ( usually located on top right corner). The online Management Center documentation can be found at the following link: