How to automatically update organizational hierarchy groups
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How to automatically update organizational hierarchy groups


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Organizational hierarchy groups (Manage > Organizational Views and Groups) are, by default, automatically updated every thirty seconds. This updates the following out of box organizational groups with new cost centers, departments and locations, and the assets that are part of those groups:

  • Assets by Cost Center
  • Assets by Location
  • Contracts by Location
  • Users by Department
  • Users by Location

Note: This process does not update organizational views, such as Active Directory Domains, only CMDB organizational groups.

Organizational groups can be updated in one of two ways. Note: Both methods perform the same function and do not need to therefore by simultaneously used. However, the Update Organizational Hierarchy task should be used instead of Organizational Hierarchy Settings if there are many organizational groups, and then the Organizational Hierarchy Settings disabled to improve console performance.

  • Organizational Hierarchy Settings (Settings > All Settings > Service and Asset Management > CMDB). By default, this is turned on and runs every thirty seconds. If new organizational groups or their assets were recently added, the user must wait a short time (up to thirty seconds) for the View Organizational Views and Groups pages to update. Then, a manual refresh may also be needed to see the new items.
  • Update Organizational Hierarchy task (Manage > Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB). By default, this is not scheduled to run. The user has more control with this process and can configure this to only update certain organizational groups, or just their membership. This task can be run on-demand or on a schedule.

An automation policy can also be used to update organizational groups. The following article describes how to do this:

How to create an Automation Policy to move resources into an Organizational Group

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