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MSP latest rates are not coming over when there are more than 25 time scaled rates


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The Resource Standard Rate in Microsoft Project (MSP) displays incorrect values. When you export your project to Clarity, you are not seeing the most current rate for the resources. You do see previous rates for the resources. This may be noticed in a scenario where rates have recently changed (Such as when an Employee is converted to a Contractor and the rate changes). Reviewing the XML for the impacted project, the rates show correctly there for the resource.


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Microsoft Project only supports 25 time scaled rates per resource. . MSP does not allow more than 25 rows, so every rate after the 25th gets cut off on the export from Clarity, even though it shows correctly in the XML. 

To see if this is the issue you are facing:

  1. In MSP, go to the Resource Sheet view
  2. Double click on the impacted resource
  3. Click on the Costs tab
  4. Count the number of rate rows


Some options to work around the limitation:

  • To get the most current rates to come over to MSP, review your Clarity Rate Matrix, and delete historical rates that you no longer need.
    1. Go to Admin Tools > Finance and click on Manage Matrix.
    2. Click on the matrix the resources are using.
    3. Select the oldest rate rows that are no longer needed and click Delete.
    4. Run the Rate Matrix Extraction job to refresh the rate matrix extraction table.
    5. Export the project to MSP.
  • Review cost information within Clarity
  • Create a new resource that can be added to the team (particularly for placeholder resources)

Additional Information

Reference the Microsoft following link for more information on costs in MSP: User Goal: Manage costs

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