Other Time or Other Work in MUX - Best Practices (CIT)
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Other Time or Other Work in MUX - Best Practices (CIT)


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What do you recommend using for reporting time off / absences in Modern UX (MUX)?  We are using Other Work in Clarity Classic and moving to MUX Timesheets, so we need a way to enter "Other Time" in the timesheets in MUX. 

Note: Classic PPM Other Work will show on Timesheets, however there is no way to see the Resource Allocations for them in Staffing and Resource - Remaining Availability. 


Release : Any Supported Release


Best Practice and recommended solution for MUX Other Time: 

  1. Create a new CIT (customer investment object) for 'Misc Work' (We suggest to name it differently from 'Other Work'  so the object is not the same name leading to confusion)
  2. Then on the Blueprint for this object, only have the Properties and Staff module--- because the 'effort task' will automatically get created
  3. This will show up on the timesheet as an effort task and you can use it normally

Note:  Other tasks can be added if desired, but if you want to only have the effort task, making the Tasks Module not available in Blueprint will help to prevent tasks from being added.

Please find below the videos we just released on Youtube detailing the steps to configure this feature:

Clarity Quick Bytes Playlist.


This topic has 2 videos. The quick 4 minute video showing the end result and the 13-minute video showing you the 'recipe' on how to configure Clarity for serving up the end result.

Additional Information

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