Setting up Other Works for Other Time for best performance
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Setting up Other Works for Other Time for best performance


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What are some best practices to set up Other Work investments in order to submit Other Time (such as Time Off / PTO /Holiday absence, FMLA etc.)

Note: This is also valid for Other Work/ Misc Work CIT in MUX


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Other Work setup best practices: 

  1. Use Other Work investment spanning 1 year maximum i.e. "Holiday 2022" with Start Date 1/1/2022 and Finish Date 12/31/2022
  2. Only assign the current active resources to it to submit time
  3. Once it gets close to 2023, create the Other Work "Holiday 2023" for that next year and again assign only all the active resources to it

How Tos:

  • Those can be created from a template by creating a template and just switching the date every year. Make sure you do not assign all resources on the template
  • If you have multiple Other Works, it's probably best to use a template
  • You can then assign users manually or use XOG to assign resources
  • Do not assign all available resources, i.e. 50k resources including inactive, resources who left the company, contractors etc. only active resources who will be submitting time

Why creating a new Other Work every year: 

  • If you use a same Other Work investment over 2, 3, 5,10 years and keep adding resources to it, it has the potential to grow significantly
  • You will not be able to remove resources with actuals and if you keep using that large investment
  • It may cause performance problems with Timesheet Grid, Assigned Resources lookup, the investment itself and overall performance with the application
  • Maximum yearly Other Work should be created to avoid performance issue

Additional Information

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