Misspelling in French Translation with brackets / parentheses
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Misspelling in French Translation with brackets / parentheses


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The French translation in Clarity will show (E) instead of (e) for some adjectives - there is an incorrect capitalization in brackets/parenthesis for French translation in MUX


For some French adjectives the letter in brackets (e) gets capitalized to (E) which is incorrect spelling



  1. Create a project with a task on it and few Todos
  2. Now create a new blueprint for Projects and add the module Todos to it
  3. Switch the project above to this new blueprint
  4. Now in Classic switch the user language in Account Settings to French
  5. Now navigate to this project - open Todos module on it and add all columns with (e) to the view


Expected Results: the label to display correctly.

Actual Results: The column names for the adjectives with (e) at the end are wrongly capitalized



Release : 16.0.x


  • This is DE66619, reviewed by Engineering and set to be By Design
  • Currently it is not technically possible to decapitalize any letters in brackets for all languages. This is due to a third party component which is enforcing it. 
  • This would be an enhancement that we are raising with the 3rd party provider.
  • Check this for more information: Letter in brackets capitalizes in MUX column Grid labels
  • We cannot provide an ETA at this time

Additional Information

Also check Letter in brackets will show as uppercase in Modern UX Grid DE60300