Performance on Paste in Per Period Metrics TSV (DE60804)
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Performance on Paste in Per Period Metrics TSV (DE60804)


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You are seeing slow performance when using paste in Per Periods Metrics TSV, it's intermittent, may depend on running jobs 


  1. Connect to Clarity 15.9.2
  2. Open a large project with more than 100 resources and 20 tasks in Modern UX
  3. Go to Assignments - Select View Options and select the best performing settings:
  4. Add ETC only, Periods Months
  5. Add in Per Period TSV 12 periods for the current year
  6. Select Totals to be Grand Totals and Decimal display 0.00
  7. Remove any Group By if set ( happens with or without the Group By)
  8. For the very first cell, and very first resource, type 10.00 and hit Enter
  9. Now copy this value with Ctrl+C
  10. Select by dragging, the entire January column
  11. Now quickly, repeat the same for February and March

Expected Results: The values to be saved immediately and updated

Actual Results: The values for some entries do not get updated timely (intermittent). Update time can be up to about 11-12 seconds intermittently


Release : 15.9.2, 15.9.3



  • Paste by row instead of by column, as this is a more efficient update.
  • Wait few seconds before pasting in the next column.
  • Use Bulk Update

This is DE60804, Will Not Fix

This issue will be addressed by a new feature/ design change.

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