Performance on Paste in Modern UX TSV fields, reverting results (DE60194)
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Performance on Paste in Modern UX TSV fields, reverting results (DE60194)


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When pasting in Modern User Experience (UX) Per Period Metric (Time Scale Value (TSV)) field, data changes revert back


  1. Connect to Modern UX
  2. Open a project - Go to Assignments page (also happens on Financials)
  3. Group by Task
  4. Now scroll to a Task with 20+ resources
  5. Expand the TSV navigate to Feb, Mar, Apr 2021
  6. Select the top field for ETC, enter 10.00, click away
  7. Copy the value
  8. Now drag to select all remaining ETC values for the resources on this task
  9. Paste
  10. Now go the next month
  11. Drag to select all ETC values for the resources on this task
  12. Paste
  13. Repeat for another month
  14. Now go back to month 2 (Mar), enter 0 on the top resource ETC field
  15. Copy the value
  16. Drag to select all resources
  17. Now Paste

Expected Results: The data to be saved and shown and reflect correct data

Actual Results: The data is partly reverted to previous values, if we refresh it may or may not stick


Release : 15.9.1


Workaround: Do not update the fields in bulk or wait and refresh between each change

This is DE60194, fixed in 15.9.2

To fully benefit from the fix, please configure the new TSV widget as follows:

  • Only show 12 months in TSV at a time
  • Add data metrics as Totals in the Assignments Grid instead of showing in the TSV whenever applicable
  • Paste by row not by column (row update is much more efficient)
  • Enable Grand Totals

If this still seems slow on your environment consider the following workarounds:

  • Wait for some time after the Paste for the fields to refresh (suggest for users to slow down and not paste too fast)
  • Consider using the new 15.9.2 feature Bulk Edit - select 10 resources at once and update via Bulk Edit which will perform faster and keep the user updated when it's still in progress