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Trying to change the default period type for benefit plan to 'Annually'. I have set up default value for period type in attribute property of period type to 'Annually' in benefit plan object. However, when I create new benefit plan, default value for period type is coming as 'Monthly'. How can I set the Period Type to Annual as a default on the Benefit Plan object?


If you have a default period type set for your entity, this will override any period types set at the object level.


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There are two options to change the period type default for benefit plans

Option 1. Update the value at the entity level

  1. In Clarity, go to Administration->Finance->Set up
  2. Click on Entities
  3. Click on the Entity
  4. Click on Plan Defaults
  5. Change the Period Type to Annually (or the desired amount)
  6. Click Save

Option 2. Set the value at the Object attribute level

Change the Period Type in the above steps to [--Select--] for all entities. See Screen shot below

  • If this section is blank (Set to [--Select--]), plan period types use the default in the object attribute default value section.
  • If this section is populated, then the object attribute defaults are overwritten by the value set at the Entity level


To have Cost Plan and Benefit Plan use different Period types

One difference if you want to have a different period type for benefit plan versus cost plan. (Example: To have the benefit plan set to yearly while the cost plan is monthly)

For the Cost Plan

On the Entity’s property tab, set the Fiscal Period Type for what you want your Cost Plan default to be (IE Monthly)

For the Benefit Plan

  1. On the plan defaults tab, leave Fiscal Period Type blank
  2. Go to the Benefit Plan Object
  3. On the Attributes tab:
    1. Click on the Period type attribute
    2. Change the default value to the desired value (IE Annually)
  4. Go to the Views tab for the object
  5. Click Fields next to Benefit Plan Properties
  6. Click on the properties icon next to Period Type
  7. Change the Override Default to the desired interval (IE Annually)

Additional Information

Note: There aren't any issues seen regarding changing the period types, this just impacts what new cost plans and benefit plan period types default to, which can be changed by the user if needed on the create screen.

To change the default period type for cost plans, see: Change the default period type for Cost Plans

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