How to enable verbose logs for the CCS console
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How to enable verbose logs for the CCS console


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

In certain circumstances, you might need to enable verbose logs for the CCS Console to determine what is causing a problem in the CCS Console.



CCS 12.6.x


To enable verbose console logs for the CCS Console:

1.     While CCS console is open, open the Windows Task Manager

2.     Find the "Symantec Console (32bit)"

3.     Right click, select "Open file location"

4.     Close CCS console.

5.     Navigate to  "C:\ProgramData\Symantec.CSM\Logs\SymConsole" and remove the old logs.

6.     Going back to the file location from step 3, make a backup copy and then edit the file called "SymConsole.exe.config"

7.     Change the following line: (parameters are case sensitive)

             <add key="Log.Severity" value="Warning" />

                     change it to

             <add key="Log.Severity" value="Verbose" />

8.     Save edited file and then restart the CCS console
9. ‚Äč    Reproduce issue

10.   Zip up the entire "C:\ProgramData\Symantec.CSM\Logs\SymConsole" folder.

11.    Attach the zip file to the case you have open with CCS Broadcom support.

12.    Restore the original SymConsole.exe.config file and restart the console.

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