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PPM attributes: Include in Data Warehouse


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Why I am not able to include some attributes in the Clarity PPM Data Warehouse?

  1. How come I am not able to include some attributes or fields in the Clarity PPM DWH for reporting?
  2. I verified that the object is included in the DWH and the attribute is not inherited from a master object
  3. Example: The following attributes are on the Project Object attributes page but you can't add them to the DWH.
    • Project Financial Status - PAC_MNT_PROJECTS.STATUS
    • Prevent Unassigned Timesheet Tasks - INV_INVESTMENTS.TRACK_ASSIGN_ONLY
    • Blueprint
    • Methodology / Template - odf_ca_project.obj_methodology


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: PPMDWH


  1. This is by design, as not all attributes are able to be included in the DWH. 
  2. As referenced in the View Objects and Attributes Included in the Data Warehouse section of the Configure the Data Warehouse and Advanced Reporting documentation: 
    • Only the most commonly used stock objects and attributes in the product are included in the data warehouse by default. 



  • One option is to create a custom domain using the PPM data source and include the desired tables. 
    • Once the custom domain is created, then create an ad hoc view/report off of the custom domain/tables.
    • However, note that it won't be available in Odata as this domain is based on the PPM data source
  • Another option would be by creating a custom attribute that maps to the field you want to use in DWH reporting
    1. Create a custom attribute and include it in the DWH
    2. Create a custom process to copy the data from the existing attribute to the custom attribute

Additional Information

KB: 105706 - Unable to add attribute in DWH if associated to a master object
KB: 98065 - Unable to configure an Attribute to be included in the Data Warehouse (DWH)