Unable to see VLAN IP addresses in interface tab of VRF enabled Cisco Nexus 5548UP
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Unable to see VLAN IP addresses in interface tab of VRF enabled Cisco Nexus 5548UP


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CA Spectrum


We are unable to see IP addresses for VLANs in VRFs in Spectrum for Cisco Nexus 5548UP. 

IP addresses in the default and the management VRFs are listed, but none of the others are showing up. However, the Device is certified in Spectrum. 


Spectrum Version 10.2.x
Windows 2012

Cisco Nexus devices
Cisco NX-OS(tm) n5000, Software (n5000-uk9), Version 7.1(1)N1(1)


The OIDs listed in the MIB data from the device for these interfaces usually just contain tcpConnLocalAddress.

Spectrum cannot build the VLAN table from just the above.

This includes data from the ipTables MIB, Cisco IP Interface MIB, Cisco IP MIB, etc. This allows Spectrum to identify the interface and associate the IP address to it.


You can use the sapwalk (a utility that takes a snapshot of the device by running a SNMP GETNEXT query on the device) utility to gather a simulation of the device.  This will enable you to view the values that are contained on the device and check if the device's SNMP agent is including the required data in its MIB.

We have a Windows, Solaris, and Linux version of the sapwalk utility.  We ship the 64 bit executable on both Windows and Linux versions of Spectrum 10.x. 

Reference knowledge article 13592 "How to use Sapwalk2" for more information on using sapwalk.

If you find that the data is not contained in the MIB, then the issue is with the configuration of the device agent and not Spectrum.