Analyzing custom post_olb_script script failure in CA Spectrum
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Analyzing custom post_olb_script script failure in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Custom post_olb_script has failed, is a general error message. To understand what went wrong with the script execution, this document provide some suggestions.

You can perform a DDM database backup at any time using the ddm_save or ddm_backup tools. However, you can also have the DDM database backed up automatically using the Online Backup feature. Online Backup uses the post_olb_script for this.

If a problem occurs during post_olb_script execution, you may want to review:

  1. $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/ARCHMGR.OUT (Archive Manager logs)

  2. $SPECROOT/SS-DB-Backup/ddm_backup.log (log of ddm_backup, which is executed by the post_olb_script to run the DDM backup)

If the above logs do not provide an idea of what went wrong, another option is to manually run the post_olb_script, and see what it return.


Spectrum 10.x


To manually run the post_olb_script, you need to do the following:

  1. Open a bash -login. In Windows, Start->Run, write: bash -login, and press enter. In Linux, just open a terminal, and change directory (cd) to $SPECROOT/

  2. run: cd custom/CsScript

  3. run: ./post_olb_script ../SS-DB-BACKUP/<ss_db_filename>.SSdb <Compression enabled> <BackupID> <TIME>

    Each parameter is documented in post_olb_script itself
#      $1 - ss_db_filename ( without .gz extension, if compressed )
#               ie. E:/Spectrum/SS-DB-Backup/db_19990702_1638.SSdb
#      $2 - Compression enabled, ie. COMPRESS or NOCOMPRESS
#      $3 - BackupID, ie. 56
#      $4 - TIME in yyyymmdd_HHMM format, ie. 19990702_1638

     If the post_olb_script fails, the error message could provide you with a hint of the problem. For instance, the following is a possible error message:

./post_olb_script: line 61: D:/SS-DB-BACKUP/ddm_backup.log: Permission denied 

     This indicates a permissions issue with the D:/SS-DB-BACKUP/ddm_backup.log file, as the cause of the failure.

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