How to schedule the DDMDB maintenance and optimization scripts.
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How to schedule the DDMDB maintenance and optimization scripts.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Often users will need to schedule the DDMDB scripts instead of running it manually every time when the DDMDB size increases to a large amount. This can be done using the post_olb_script or using the Windows scheduler.



Component: SPCCSS


In order to schedule the DDMDB maintenance and optimization scripts to have them run after a certain time period, we need to do some custom coding in the post_olb_script so that when the ddmdb is backed up after a SSDB backup, these scripts will run and optimize the ddm database. Attached is a sample post_olb script which runs the ddmdb scripts after every ddmdb backup. You can also use Windows scheduler to schedule the scripts. following is the process required:

  1. Create a bat file with the below code
    perl C:\win32app\SPECTRUM\SS\DDM\scripts\ -q (Make sure you have the perl package on the window machine to execute the .pl scripts)

  2. Now create a schedule task for the batch file using the windows scheduled tasks option to run the batch file at your convenient time (i.e. every day or every week etc.)

  3. Make sure you check the schedule logs to ensure that the configured scheduled task has run successfully or not.

Note: CA Support is not responsible for any customization done by the client. Also make sure you stop the Archive Manager when you schedule the DDMDB Maintenance script.

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