How to run dxemptydb on Virtual Appliance 14.x
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How to run dxemptydb on Virtual Appliance 14.x


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If the number of pending notifications is too high and they are of no importance, there is a way of clearing the database of all notifications at once.
This can be done by running :  dxemptydb < HOSTNAME-impd-notify>

How to run dxemptydb on Virtual Appliance 14.x , Linux Environment ?


Virtual Appliance, Linux 


1. Connect to VApp Linux console by using Putty.exe

2. Once logged on linux console execute the following command : 

    su - dsa

3. Execute the following command :

dxserver status  

you will see something like the following 

idm-userstore-router-caim-srv-01 started
UserStore_userstore-01 started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-main started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-co started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-inc started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify stopped
ca-prov-srv-01-imps-router started

4. stop notification in Provisioning Manager
   dxserver stop ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify
5. Clearing the database of all notifications at once
dxemptydb ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify

you should see:
"Successfully created"

6. dxserver start ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify

you should see :
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify starting
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify started
4. type exit and enter
5. check the activity on etanotify log  /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/logs

Note: Be sure to stop and restart the Provisioning Server service so that the container objects in the notify DSA get recreated. You should also connect to the notify DSA on port 20404 to verify the newly created container object has the objectclass=eTDomainComponent

Additional Information

Procedure used in Windows :