Rate Matrix Extraction Job Performance Best Practices
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Rate Matrix Extraction Job Performance Best Practices


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The Rate Matrix job is taking a long time to complete, is there a way to help improve the performance including any best practices?


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Component: Clarity Financial Management


The runtime of the job can increase significantly influenced by several factors.


1. Check to see how the live rate matrix is set up

  • The more columns that are added to the matrix, the more time is needed to insert records into the rate table: NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS
  • Timing is very important, as once the rates are available in this table, by way of the Rate Matrix Extraction job completion, the rates are then made available to the following actions:
    • Running the Post Timesheets job
    • Baselining projects
    • Baselining tasks
    • Running the Update Earned Value Totals job  (or clicking Project > Action > Update Cost Totals)
    • Running the Update Earned Value History job
    • Opening OWB or MSP
  • If changes are made to the live rate matrix, the rate changes will not be made until the RME job is ran.

2. Review the # of records that exist in the system

The number of records that exist in the system for each of the below also impact runtime

  • projects
  • resources
  • tasks

As the number of projects increase, so does the number of resources assigned to tasks on the projects.The following best practices can lower the job run time, therefore forcing project managers to maintain projects:

  1. Remove any rate matrices from Administration > Finance > Setup > Defaults > Project Transaction Entry Defaults
  2. Remove any rate matrices from Administration > Finance > Setup > Entities that are no longer used
  3. Deactivate investments:
    • Set financial status = HOLD.
    • Uncheck the active flag. 
    • Remove the rate matrix that is set for each labor type 

3. Ensure database maintenance is being performed by the DBA team

The third factor that can contribute to job performance is whether or not database maintenance is being performed by the DBA team. 

  • Over time, database performance can suffer, causing one or more jobs to take longer to run due to a lack of maintenance.
  • Once maintained, the performance can and will improve overall.

4. Consider job parameters being used to help improve performance

  • Running the Rate Matrix Extract Job in incremental mode can help with performance. See KB: Incremental Only option for Rate Matrix Extraction Job to help determine if you want to use the incremental option
    • Consider how the job is being ran regarding the parameters, as it is highly suggested that the parameter (Prepare Rate Matrix Data) should not be selected at every run.
  • The scheduled run should only be running with the following parameters selected:
    • Prepare Rate Matrix Data
    • Update Rate Matrix Data
    • Incremental Update
    • Team Rates Only
  • Note: The Rate Matrix Extraction is a job which provides the breakout rates for a project-resource-task combination by date. It will take the information that is in the live PPA_MATRIX/PPA_MATRIXVALUES table and generate records in the table of rates: NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS which is to be used by various actions/jobs in Clarity, from which to obtain a rate. 

    The rate matrix is not audited. Whenever there is a rate change, it is made to the PPA_MATRIX/PPA_MATRIXVALUES table.
    In order to review what rate was used, use Jaspersoft reporting on the Financial Management Domain to query.

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