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'Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler' Parameter - RME Job


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Clarity PPM On Premise


On the 'Rate Matrix Extraction' job page, what does the parameter 'Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler' do?


Release: All Supported
Component: Clarity Financial Management


This parameter specifies extracting cost and rate information for a desktop scheduler. This field is a flag that triggers the job to generate resource rates for an investment that include rates prior to the start and after the finish date of the investment. If not using scheduler it can be left unchecked

More Information:
If the flag is not set, the rate matrix extraction works similar to earlier versions, i.e. for every resource on any project it calculates the appropriate rate(s) and cost(s) for the time spanning the project's start and finish date.

If the flag is set, extra calculations are done. These additional calculations were not performed in earlier versions. The change involves extending the calculations to cover a wider date range than the project's start and finish date. This will allow the schedulers, Microsoft Project (MSP) and Open Workbench (OWB), to have access to valid rates outside the project's start and finish date so that new tasks or existing tasks can extend beyond the initial project date range and allow for estimated forecasting of costs.

Note: Setting the flag increases the processing time for the Rate Matrix Extraction job, since the rates are calculated for a wider date range.

Additional Information

Reference 'Prepare Rate Matrix Data' and 'Update Rate Matrix Data' for RME Job