Can't install linux robot with nimldr (can't find the installation files)
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Can't install linux robot with nimldr (can't find the installation files)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have downloaded nimldr and ran it on a Linux box but I 'm not able to complete the robot installation.

When I run the install I'm stuck at the point where the script asks where the install files are. See example below:

[root@localhost LINUX_23_64]# ./nimldr 
nimldr version 3.57 Dec 1 2014 
Copyright(c) 2012, CA. All rights reserved. 

This program will help you install the Nimsoft infrastructure components (such as a robot or a secondary hub) on the current system. 

You will be given a series of questions, default answers are in brackets. 

Example: <Question>? ==>[default] 

Pressing Enter directly will use the default value, otherwise you should 
type in the requested information. 

If express installation is specified, the default value will be used 

A log of the installation can be found in the file: nimldr.log 

Hit Enter/Return key to continue. 

1 - ens32 (IPv4): ##.##.##.##

Select the number of the IP you would like to use for this robot from those listed above: 1 

You selected IP #1: ##.##.##.##

WARNING: The temporary files directory is removed after installation! 

Where should nimldr store temporary files? 
==>[/opt/nimsoft/tmp] /tmp 
Beginning Robot installation: 

Is this a Cloud installation? 

Do we have the installation file locally? 
==>[no] yes 

Where do we have the installation file(s)? 
==>[] /tmp 

Where do we have the installation file(s)? 



Sep 10 11:02:36:372 0 nimldr: We need to log in to NMS to query for available archives
Sep 10 11:02:36:372 0 nimldr: Attempting to log in to NMS...
Sep 10 11:02:45:974 0 nimldr: Failed to read a valid probe_crypto_mode from controller. Assuming pre-FIPS and using TWO_FISH
Sep 10 11:02:51:611 0 nimldr: nimFindAsFunc - gethubs failed on : communication error
Sep 10 11:02:51:611 0 nimldr: 
Failed to find any Archives - unable to continue!


Release: Any Version


The installation files can be fetched directly from the UIM Server by nimldr. However,  If you have told the installation script that you do have the installation file locally:


 Do we have the installation file locally? 

==>[no] yes

Then verify that you have previously:

1. Downloaded the installation archives from http://<UIM_server_name_or_IP_Address>:<wasp_port>/uimhome/installers.jsp (same place where you may download the nimldr package from the Nimsoft Home Page, /uimhome) and,

2. Placed them into a local folder and then specified the folder path at the nimldr question below:


Where do we have the installation file(s)? 

==>[] /tmp 

Additional Information

Applies to other compatible UNIX operating systems  important to note that the filename needs to adhere to the following nomenclature:

If the filename is, for example, nimldr will never find it.

UIM Documentation

nimldr package

The nimldr utility may also be downloaded from (this link is the latest version as of Aug, 2022)

Depending on your UIM version, you may need to download the latest nimldr from so please check.


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