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Microsoft Project (MSP) Assignment Units changes are not being reflected after saving a project back to PPM and reopening the project. The value reverts back to the Resource's Allocation on the Project's Team tab.

Steps to Reproduce:

Prerequisite: To reproduce this, have the following unchecked in PPM->Administration->Project Management->Settings: 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load' 

1. Create a new project in PPM with one team member with a default allocation of 100%

2. Export the project to MSP

3. Create a new task and assign the resource to the task 

4. Double click on the task and go to the 'Resources' tab

5. Change the Units to 50% for the resource

6. Save the project back to PPM

7. Open the project in MSP and navigate back to the 'Resource's tab for the task

Expected Results: Units remains as 50%

Actual Results: Units have reverted back to 100% which is the allocation assigned to the resource on the Team tab


This is working as designed if the following  is unchecked in PPM: 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load' in Administration->Project Management->Settings


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


MSP Assignment Units changes are sent to the 'Max % Load' field in PPM for the assignment. However, if the setting 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load' is not checked, when the project is exported from MSP to PPM, it will export the assignment units from the Resource's allocation on the Team tab. To export the assignment's allocation from the Max % Load field, check the following setting: 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load'. This will then cause all tasks assignments to be pulled from the 'Max % Load' field instead of resource's allocation on the project. 

Note: This setting works for all loading patterns in the MSP New Driver, but only with the Uniform loading pattern setting in the MSP Legacy Driver

To enable this setting:

1. In PPM go to Administration->Project Management->Settings

2. Check the check box 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load'

To view the 'Max % Load' field for an assignment:

1. Navigate to the task on the project

2. Add the 'Max % Load' field to the Assignment list view if not there already

Important: It is recommended to test this out before making this change to see if there is any impact based on your MSP/PPM configurations. It can impact how ETCs/Actuals are calculated. 

Additional Information

Reference Project Management Changes for 14.2 for CA more information on the MSP Assignment Units Mapping with PPM Assignment 'Max % Load' setting.

Reference TEC1582765 - In MSP, Units are not exporting from the Resource Allocation on the Team tab of the Project