Errors while verifying Service Repository in Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When trying to connect to a profile in Datamaker, I am receiving the following error messages: 

Service Layer: Error Testing Connection 
Error verifying Service Repository: 
Mismatched DB versions (This = 3.2D, Service= 3.2B) 
Mismatched Service Names (This = PTESTSQL01, Service= DEV-TEST03\TEST) 
Mismatched Schemas (This = gtrep_testing, Service= gtrep) 

We recently copied over our repository to a new location in another server. We updated the rep.xml file with the new server information. We tried updating the repository (ctrl+alt+m), but there was nothing to update or sync. Datamaker seems to be referencing both database names still. 


The error is occurring due to the differences between the local repository version (3.2D) and the remote repository version (3.2B) as seen in the service layer. 

The error could also happen when the service name was not updated in GTREP database when it is changed to different servers.


CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Datamaker


To resolve this, update your 'Primary Service URL' from the Security-> Users and Group-> Service Layer tab to reflect the correct machine name.

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Additional Information

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If the issue is with mismatched servicename, TDOD logs show the below query returned the older server name "OLDServer".

SELECT '', @@VERSION, @@SERVERNAME, '',     '', db_name()

The same query can be run in SQL server and it should show the service name in returned result.

The service name need to be changed in the SQL server to "NewServer".

DBA's can run the below queries to change the service name.

exec sp_dropserver 'OLDServer';

exec sp_addserver 'NewServer', 'local';


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