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How to Configure the Test Data on Demand (TDoD) Service


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I have installed the Test Data Manager components and when I go out to start the TDoD service, it fails to start. Are there steps that I'm missing? Are there configuration steps that still need to be performed? 


Release: TDM 4.x

Component: TDoD


Although the TDoD (Test Data on Demand) has been deprecated and not necessary to have installed for TDM to work properly, it is required if you are needing to integrate TDM with ARD or HP ALM.  

You must configure the TDoD service so that it can connect to the TDM Repository (gtrep) database before you can start the service.


To Configure TDoD:

1. Open a Windows File Explorer window

2. Navigate to C:\Grid-Tools\TDoD\TDoD_ConfigEditor directory

3. Launch the TDoDConfigEditor application (TDoDConfigEditor.exe). The TDoD Config Editor dialog window will open.

4. In the Connection String tab, enter the required connection information to connect to the gtrep database. 

  • Database Type:  Sql Server or Oracle
  • Data Source: Hostname/Instance where the database is installed. For Oracle, you will need to include the TSN name (//hostname:port/tsn_name)
  • User: Database user account to access the TDM repository
  • Password: Password for the user account you are using to connect to the TDM repository
  • Database: The Database name of the TDM repository

5. Click the verify Button to verify the connection.

6. If the connection is successful, click the Save button to save the configuration.

7. Click the Start Service button to start the TDoD Service.

Once the service is running you will need to configure the GTService Layer URL:

1. Select the Configure Portal Tab

2. Modify the Service URL: field and replace <<machinename>> with the TDM Portal Hostname

3. If you are integrating TDM with ALM, you will also want to modify the ALM Service URL field with the hostname of the ALM server.

4. Verify the connection by clicking the Verify button

5. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button.

6. Optional - Click the Backup button to make a Backup copy or the configuration file.

Additional Information


If you are running TDM 4.9, and have TDM Portal version or greater, you can try connecting ARD to the repository using the native TDMService for the TDM Portal. However, you might experience some odd, unexpected behavior. The TDMService has not been certified by the ARD Product Development team, and is not officially supported. If you experience unexpected results while using the TDMService, please install and configure the TDoD (GTService) component and use it for your TDM/ARD integration. 

To connect ARD to TDM simply replace the TDoD Service URL, in the Repository Connector, with https://<TDM_Portal_Host>:8443/TDMService. For example: