unable to execute process on Agent and its status is inactive.
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unable to execute process on Agent and its status is inactive.


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CA Process Automation Base Process Automation Manager


We are unable to execute process on PAM agent and Agent status is inactive in Agent console. 

C2o.log file on the Agent shows below messages:

 ERROR [com.optinuity.c2o.util.SimpleCastorXMLUtil] [A Agent Startup] Mapping File serviceOperationMappingFilenot Found. This may be available at GUI or Source.
ERROR [com.optinuity.c2o.util.SimpleCastorXMLUtil] [A Agent Startup] SimpleCastorXMLUtil.getMapping: failed to find mapping serviceOperationMappingFile file: serviceOperationMappingFile
 WARN  [com.optinuity.c2o.util.SSLCertificateUtilities] [A Agent Startup] Setup to accept all SSL Certificates

Alternatively, the c2o.log may also show as not having been updated in some time.


Process Automation 4.3.x


Error is seen when Agent is configured to use deprecated communication and the required ports are blocked.

To verify communication mode:

1. Login to PAM UI

2. Click on the Configuration link

3. Expand Agents and select the Agent in question

4. Check if 'Use Deprecated Communication' communication check box is selected

5. If Deprecated Communication is used then make sure:

   Agent can connect to Orchestrator on Port 7001


  Orchestrator can connect to Agent on port 7003

Additional Information

The following data can help while troubleshooting connectivity issues between an Orchestrator and Agent.

Note: If the orchestrator is behind a load balancer then the detail below should be gathered on each of the Orchestrator nodes. 

  • ITPAM_HOME/log directory 
  • Netstat:
    • Windows: netstat -aon > netstat-aon.<hostname>
    • Linux: netstat -aonp > netstat -aonp.<hostname>
  • Process List:
    • Windows: tasklist -v > tasklist-v.<hostname>
    • ps auxww > ps-auxww.<hostname>
  • Firewall Info:
    • Windows: Firewall Log (Defaults to: %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles\Firewall\pfirewall.log)
    • Linux: varies by linux platform


From the Agent, run the following command and send/review the output:

  • Windows: test-netconnection -ComputerName <load_balanced_orchestrator_alias> -Port 7001
  • Linux: curl -v telnet://<load_balanced_orchestrator_alias>:7001


From each Orchestrator, run the following command and send/review the output:

  • Windows: test-netconnection -ComputerName <agent_hostname> -Port 7003
  • Linux: curl -v telnet://<agent_hostname>:7003

IMPORTANT:  In both the Orchestrator servers and the Agent servers, the corresponding PAM Service must be up and running.  If either side of the test fails on the Orchestrator or the Agent machine, please check that the PAM Service is running and that the netstat command shows the given ports as LISTENING; Agent machine needs port 7003, Orchestrator devices needs port 7001.

Logs from Load Balancer. 

To increase Agent log level: Increase Agent logging

Keep In Mind:

  • The Orchestrator-initiated connections that are used in deprecated communication are not as efficient as the persistent connections used in simplified communication - as described here: Configure the Agents to use Simplified Communication
  • If your Orchestrator is load balanced, the Apache load balancer does not support the simplified communication method for agents - as described here: Configure Apache Load Balancer