TPX swap/JUMP Key question while using Sysview or SDSF Auto Update function
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TPX swap/JUMP Key question while using Sysview or SDSF Auto Update function


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


1) SDSF and Sysview allow auto update (refresh) of the display.  The default method to terminate the automated update is the ATTN key.

2) CA TPX allows a user to specify a variety of keys to expedite navigation:  

  • Jump key - The jump key has been defined to switch you between active sessions. Use the jump key, entered from the TPX Menu or in an active session.
  • Menu key - After you press the menu key, the TPX Menu is displayed. Your session is still active, and any program running in it continues running. Any active sessions are highlighted on the TPX Menu.

The key definition for your user ID is shown at the top of the TPX Menu:

               TPX MENU FOR TPXUSER1                Panelid  - TEN0041
                                                    Terminal - 
Cmdkey=PF12/24    Jump=PA2    Menu=PA1              Model    - 
Print=PF14        Cmdchar= /                        System   - 


When a user turns on the SDSF Auto Update function, the TPX jump and menu keys have no effect.  They can't do a menu swap without stopping the Auto Update function by using the ATTN key (default for SDSF).

Is there any way of setting the Auto Update function AND be able to do a menu swap (either JUMP key or Menu key)?



Release: NVINAM00200-5.3-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package


Set SMRT User Parameter 'Attention Key Option' to MENU.

  • With Attention Key Option MENU, pressing ATTN once takes you to TPX menu where you can then use the JUMP key to access other sessions. JUMP and MENU will work from other sessions than the TSO with active auto update. 
  • Pressing ATTN twice sends ATTN to the application and terminates the auto update.



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